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Quincy- The Robot Artist

Introducing Quincy, the Robot Artist! Scan a picture card and watch the artist get to work!

Quincy also loves to spell and play simple math games – a very busy bot! Quincy can scan any of the 64 included QR cards with his amazing eye. This lets kids talk to him and answer his questions. Let this quirky companion into your home!

BoA - Quincy

viroqe : its 2020.. i still love this song..
わか : まじで歌うますぎるよね
河合講平 : BoA のクイズ
gy k : 보느 라이브는 실제로 보면 더 좋습니다
柴田としひさ : Queen of K-Pop.
이이이잉이이 : 보아일본소속사코디진짜대박이네 프로듀서 완벽하다 뭐노래든의상이든최고로꾸며주는듯
유키 : 10년전맞음? 의상 하나도 안촌스럽고 이쁨ㅠㅠ일본 패션트렌드는 어쩔땐 촌스러운거 같다가도 엄청 세련됨..
제이든이 : 보아 저는 대기업 재벌도 아닙니다 sm 에 주식보유도 하지않았고요 당신이 내여자가되면 내생은 그걸로 다입니다 . 이거 무시하시자마시고
いちじょうともみ : テンション上がりますよねー♬
じお* : BoAの曲めぐりしてたら私の青春全部詰まってた。

Quincy ME S01 E01 Go Fight City Hall To the Death

Yacine Boukecha : 8
L :

Il est marqué sur sa tombe deux heures c'est à dire il est né en 1973 et mort au plutard dès l'exécution du programme des véhicules mais réellement n'a vécu que deux heures dans toute sa vie.
Amanda1 C : thanks for uploading, i used to watch this with my mum.
K Graham : Boy! Does Quincy bring back memories or what!?! How passionate his character was....Thank you for sharing!
Lori L : Three cheers to drinking & driving
Deborah Thompson : RickeyDixon
Deborah Thompson : RickeyDixon
Hiraghm : coroner is a county position... so a medical examiner working for the coroner's office would be a county employee... pretty sure a vice mayor couldn't fire him, since he works for the county, not the city... I could be mistaken, however.
Hiraghm : The coroner has more authority than pretty much anyone else in the county, except maybe the sheriff. So why are they tiptoe-ing around the cops?
John Kerkalis : This sucks huge Cock!
lisa perry : The original CSI




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